Tax Accountancy

The Dr. Schmitz-Hüser WWS GmbH accountants offer you customized solutions for current tax law issues. By our bilateral and multilateral competencies we can also conceptualize international solutions for our clients.

Focus points of our service portfolio

Accounting, balancing and tax declaration

  • Administrative accounting and assets accounting; also electronically over the internet
  • Salary accounting and pay roll service
  • Trade balance and tax balance sheet
  • Cash-basis accounting
  • Special balances
  • Tax declaration of all kinds of companies and private persons
  • Enforcement of tax law and representation in front of authorities and in court
  • Support and auditing

Tax planning and international tax law

  • Evaluation of legal form
  • Optimization of company structures
  • Fiscal expert opinions
  • Cross-border issues
  • Comparisons of tax burdens
  • Transfer pricing and function shifting
  • Double taxation treaties
  • Succession planning and inheritance structure
  • Old-age provision
  • Law for non-profit organizations (foundations, associations)

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